Monte Burke on PETA and Anglers

Citing the Atlantic Salmon Federation and Trout Unlimited, Forbes staff writer Monte Burke takes on PETA’s new ad campaign, suggesting a radical change for the organization: working with anglers instead of against them.

For it is those who respect and engage with a resource, who will work hardest to protect it. “Without recreational fishermen there would be no fish for PETA to worry about,” writes Burke. “Recreational fishermen happen to be some of the greatest—and most effective—conservationists on the planet.”

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  • Bob

    Please they are the last people I want to be involved with

  • Bishfish

    Monte’s premise is fatally flawed – PETA does not give a hoot about fishing conservation per se – they are against fishing – cruelty and no kill of any animal for food . Fish will be conserved as a result of stopping fishing. If Monte thinks that PETA will come on board because of C&R he is delusional – PETA want fishing stopped because they see all fishing as cruel, and C&R particularly cruel.