Boca Grande Pass and Tarpon Habitat

What could arguably be deemed the birthplace of game fishing, Boca Grande Pass, is currently facing troubled times. The gathering place for tarpon before and after spawning is in danger due to the season-long Professional Tarpon Tournament Series (PTTS), which as been documented as the cause of negative impacts to the fishery. Richard Michael Volpe and the Boca Grande Fishing Guides Association have produced an educational short film well worth your time. And a new group, Save the Tarpon, is calling for an end to the annual Tournament Series. Get educated about the threats facing this fishery, and make your voice heard in protecting these fish and their habitat.

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  • “…which as been documented as the cause of negative impacts to the fishery” By whom and where was this publsihed?
    “Alledged ” would be a much better term.

  • W

    Common intellegance tells that any spawning area should be protected from abusive fishing or commerical pressure.Bocca Grande pass during Pro Tarpon tour season shows very little regard for the fishery.It funds afew king of the hill fishermen with prize money and some TV coverage.At the end of the day nothing is put back to the Tarpon resource.Surly if people enjoy the thrill of hooking aTarpon and watch it”s amazing leaping ability,they would won”t to see this magnificant fish be around for thousands of more years.Gaffing and dragging these fish around for show will not work toward garanteeing there future.We are aNation that should be managing our resourses, instead of destorying them.

  • Mtd885

    Gary, do you deny the practices of the PTTS is responsible for the senseless death of hundreds of Tarpon over the years? Jigging should be outlawed in Boca Grande Pass to protect the fishery. My guess is that 90% of the fish caught and released become shark food. Save the semantics, these fish are in desparate need of protection. This whole NASCAR approach to fishing tarpon is brutality based on stupidity.