Innovative Fly Tier Bob Quigley Dies

Bob Quigley, who authored some of the most successful trout patterns to emerge in the past forty years, died on June 12 of cancer.

California Trout credits Quigley with inventing “the Paradun, the Loopwing Parachute and the Quigley Cripple, testing them extensively on the Fall River, where he eventually lived.”

Chris Conaty of Idylwilde Flies said of Quigley: “Bob was surely one of the most original fly tiers I have ever seen, heard or read about. His innovations will stand the test of time. They already have. Whenever anyone thinks of spring creek fishing they should tip their hat to Bob and his flies. His hackle stacking technique and crippled mayfly designs were and are so crazy good that they are hard to improve upon.”

Ken Morrish also commented on Quigley’s tutelage, saying: “What separates Quigley in my mind from the masses of exceptional tiers, is his ability to make major if not pardigmal shifts in fly design. None that I know contest that fact that Bob created the first mayfly cripple in 1978. Never before had the concept of a half dun, half nymph fly been so deliberately and effectively designed.”  Morrish also credits Quigley with coming up with the egg-sucking style of flies.

Quigley was perhaps best know for his Quigley Cripple, which he authored in 1978.  Here’s a video of Hans Weilenmann tying the pattern:

Finally, here’s a video of Bob himself tying a Mutant Mayfly Dun.

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  • Heading up to Fall River next week and just thought I’d check in to surf the net to see what Bob Quigley might be up to these days, and also to see if he might be willing to whisper to me about the conditions and recommendations for a local guide. I found this post and am saddened to hear of Bob’s passing. I have Bob’s signature flies tying video and turn it on sometimes even when I’m not tying files just to hear his voice and accompanying banjo. My condolences to his friends and family. You will be truly missed, Bob. Sincerely, Bill Swanson,…Folsom, CA.