Tenkara Outlaws?

Jason Klass of Tenkara Talk has some witty advice regarding a serious legal subject involving Tenkara anglers, and it involves velcro and a reel.  This comes after the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation’s statement that “tenkara fishing on fly fishing only waters is technically illegal.”

The law as it stands defines fly fishing as the use of a “traditional fly rod, fly reel, and fly line.” So apparently, Klass says, in New York State “’traditional’ means something that has been used for less than two hundred years or so.”

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  • Hgseay

    write your congressman.

  • Aflytyer

    Cotton and ole Izzak were doing it back in the day and today the Brits call it dapping.  Its technically illegal in Pa also.

  • Jim in Houston

    The New York regs refer to “conventional fly fishing equipment” not “traditional fly fishing equipment.”  Minor point, I am sure.  However, I failed to find a definition of “conventional . . . equipment’ in the regulations, but I assume it means fly rod, fly reel, fly line.  Not sure you have to have all three.  Maybe you could just have the Tenkara rod and be legal.  Who wants to find out?