Video Hatch: “Let’s Save The Boca Grande Tarpon Habitat”

Boca Grande Pass in southwest Florida is one of those handful of places that stakes claim to being the “Tarpon Capital of the World.”  The very small spot is known for the huge number of migratory tarpon that stack into a few deep holes.  Unfortunately, according to some, the numbers have been decimated by unethical angling techniques.  With this video, a few local guides hope to bring public awareness to the plight of a population of tarpon and a location that is far over-fished.

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  • landerssp

    Great video and an important topic.  I lived and fished in Charlotte Harbor for a number of years and going back, now, it is scary how much the fishery has declined from the 1980’s. It is time to step up and make changes before there is no going back.
    My only comment on making the video better is to have more information at the end on who to contact and what can be done.  The Bonefish and Tarpon Trust does great things but there needs to be a more blatant “call to action” in the ending credits not just posting web addresses. 

  • Miloh45

    Mark Futch knows what he is talking about….he’s seen the changes due to improper fishing techniques….I wonder why the Florida FWC doesn’t listen to him and other guides???… seems its all about stupid fisherman who don’t really care that there will not be as good fishery for our kids and grandkids…..FWC WAKE UP and listen to the pros!!    Why do we pay taxes to folks that don’t listen???