Joe Humphreys: A “Living Legend”

Joe Humphreys wrote the book on Pennsylvania fly fishing.  Literally.  Not only is he the author of On the Trout Stream and Trout Tactics, but the renowned angler holds the Pennsylvania brown trout state record thanks to a 16-pound, 34-inch behemoth he caught in 1977.  And on top of all that, he’s been teacher to some pretty famous people, including two who have darkened the White House door, not to mention his many students at Penn State.

As John Hartstock writes, “Humphreys caught his first trout at the age of 6 on Spring Creek in Centre County. It’s one of the streams that he still loves to frequent, along with other limestone favorites like Penns Creek in Centre County, the famous Spruce Creek in Huntingdon County, and the esteemed Little Juniata River that runs through parts of both Huntingdon and Blair counties.”


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  • rrt

    I lost my respect for JH when he sold out to the spring ridge club, aka homewaters club.  I had thought him to be one of fly-fishing’s icons till he did that.  For those who don’t know: the src finds, buys, or leases privately owned properties, a number of which had formerly been open to public access, and then posts them for the exclusive use of the club’s member/clients.  To join, you’d better have $80,000 handy and then have additional thousands for the yearly dues.  JH is a member of this club.

  • J Gray

    I spent this past Saturday fly fishing with Joe. He is an outstanding teacher and a true gentleman.