April Vokey: As Hard Core as They Come

April Vokey’s growing popularity has just as much to do with her success as an angler as it does with the fact she is an anomaly in a male-dominated industry.  While a female angler is a rarity, a successful female guide is even more so—especially in the rough-and-tumble world of steelhead anglers.

However, Vokey’s guiding business, Fly Gal Ventures, which she started when she was 23-years-old, continues to be a success.  Even more popular are her speaking obligations and fly-tying workshops.  On a recent stop Traverse City, Michigan, after someone called her out for using blue heron feathers, a protected species, she proclaimed, “I got it after picking off the maggots,” so to be clear that she did not kill the bird.  The comment earned instant approval from the guys questioning her commitment to the sport.  “Yeah, you are hard core,” one observer said.

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  • Vectorproject

    I have known April for some time and she is just a person who loves everything about Fly/Spey casting and fishing. She loves to teach and share, has a great respect and admiration for the resource. She is most talkative and easy to be around except when she gets “PO’D! She is also very close, caring and loving  about and with her Family and Friend’s
    A person can learn a lot from her, and not just about getting involved and excited about Fly fishing.