A Day on DePuy’s

In the depths of winter when other water is iced over, or the height of summer when temperatures make trout sluggish, DePuy’s Spring Creek is still fishable.  The creek, which is fed by water seeping from the ground at a constant 52 degrees Farenheit, is also a short distance from fly-fishing mecca Livingston, Montana.

Ben Pierce, outdoor editor of the Bozeman Chronicle spent a winter day there and found it to be well worth the $40 per day fee.  And even though the price rises to $100 per day in the high season (there is a 16-rod limit on the water) it is a surefire way to avoid the driftboat hatch that appears on many local rivers.

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  • Flyman615

    I fished DePuy’s Spring Creek periodically for about 30 years and loved every minute of it. Another reason I miss my annual trips to Southwest Montana.

  • Flyfischer08

    I fish DePuy’s probably 5 time a year, all in the winter – when the rivers here are too difficult to get at – I live in Bozeman, which is only 30 miles from Depuy’s.  As Ben Pierce has stated – it is very worth the $40 to have a day in middle of winter to fish such quality water.  It’s just too busy and too expensive to fish in the summer.