Sunglasses: What’s the Difference Between Glass and Polycarbonate?

Rick Mikesell of Trout’s Fly Fishing talks about the differences between Costa Del Mar’s 580 glass and polycarbonate lens materials. There are benefits and drawbacks to both materials and understanding what they are can help you make an educated decision next time you’re in the market for a new pair of fishing shades.

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  • Gotarheelz14

    I bought the 580 Glass lenses thinking I would see a huge difference in optical clarity as compared to the Polycarbonate lenses. Wrong. There was no noticeable difference except about -$100 less in my pocket….Just my experience though….

  • Thisanotherone

    After having glass lens Costa’s I can’t even think about going back to any other lenses

  • Jackson Lemmonawe

    i cant remember now if my man´o´wars are glass or poly..

  • Cmd248

    I have Glass Lens.I work also with glass everyday and i have got to say i can actually see more blemishes in the material we are fab. for a customer ,it makes my job easier and faster with the glass lens over  the plastic ones .I will never buy plastic again .Fishing offshore there is no other like it .

  • Gofishinor

    Mine are Smith Maverick’s Glass