Opponents to Christo: “Don’t Hang the Curtains Yet”

Even though artist Christo won federal approval to drape fabric over six miles of the Arkansas river in November, a new federal lawsuit, filed Wednesday in Denver, along with continuing local opposition  to his “Over the River” project, may yet derail the project.  “‘Anti-Christo forces, led by a group that has dubbed the project, and the name of their organization, ‘Rags Over the Arkansas River,’ or ROAR, said that moneyed interests and state politicians were pushing a project that would mostly benefit outsiders.” Kirk Johnson covers the continuing story for The New York Times.

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  • Gofishinor

    I will sign anything that will keep it from happening. The Feds have other things to worry about!!! Stay out of here!!!

  • Gofishinor

    P.S. The BLM has become a joke.

  • Palette1

    As both a flyfishing guide on that stretch of the Arkansas and an artist who’s heavily invested in the health of the Arts in the upper Arkansas river valley, I’ve had to examine both sides of the issue and have come to this conclusion. The project is totally inappropriate for the local infrastructure, the permit area and the long term health of the Arts in Colorado. The pet project of Colorado’s urban transplants, politicians, and realtors, it’s all about the money and marketing possibilites for them. As to the artist, Christo could have won me over if he’d at least proclaim that this is an outlet for his massive ego and that it is really more about bending a place and its people to his vision, than it is about any lasting contribution to the history of art. He hasn’t, so I am led to conclude that he would be better served to focus his projects on the urban world where there is less beauty to appreciate. We have no such issue here in Colorado.