Video Hatch: “Heart of the Driftless” Trailer

Third Year Fly Fisher, the company responsible for “Reverb,” will release “Heart of the Driftless” in March of 2012.  The video is about the unique streams of the Driftless Area or, as it is said in the movie, “small versions of the famous British chalk streams.”

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  • Doublegun

    Beautiful – the Driftless area is close to the top of my bucket list.  Kinda funny though:  it appears to be Orvis sponsored but the dude is fishing a Winston.  Can’t say I blame him though.

  • Gofishinor

    Where is this place at? Looks really good.

  • Bgrwaterbright

    This is great exposure for the Driftless region trout fishing.  It truly is an extremely unique trout fishery, all spring creeks, technical, very large specimens included, but you have to work for it and pay your dues. The amount of fishable fly fishing trout water rivals on a world-class level, definitely not Montana, but certainly 70% better than what we have currently advertised around the world. 

    It’s truly an honor to fly fish guide here and I plan to be a part it for a very, very long time indeed.  I landed here three years ago from Montana due to a family/career change, but I’m glad I’m here in the heart of the Driftless region.  I guide both here in the Driftless region and in Livingston, MT…great combo.  It’s crazy that many dairy farmers here could clearly make a better living off the trout than they can with government subsidized milk production by instead of restoration efforts of these streams, tourism.  Many of them still would rather have Holstein fecal matter from wall to wall fence lines on their property and grazed down to the dirt….crazy.  It’s a beautiful region none the less.  This region is ground zero for our nation’s organic farming scene and folks looking into better stewardship of the land and eventually it will totally take over…I hope.  I think Aldo Leopold would agree.

    Viroqua, WI & Livingston, MT