Hoover’s Presidential Fishing Retreat for Sale

Trout Run, the 453-acre property on Little Hunting Creek in Maryland’s Catoctin Mountains where Herbert Hoover and other U.S. presidents chose to escape the national spotlight, is on the market for around $9 million.  Zillow’s Laura Vecsey says, “The natural centerpiece of the place is a two-mile trout stream that naturalists call one of the best in the Mid-Atlantic region.”

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  • Gofishinor

    It would be hard to leave the Rockies, but if I had 9 mill I would give it a thought.

  • Anonymous

    Well even If I had the 9mil, there are other issues with spending that kind of money on a place in MD. For one property taxes and state income taxes, thou there is the historical aspects to it. They never talk about what the tax bite will be on these properties. thou 453 acres sounds nice, I would bet there is plenty of deer and turkeys too.