Video Hatch: “Bulls On Top”

Do redfish eat flies on the surface?  You’ll never ask that question again once you’ve seen guide David Magnum’s phenomenal footage of big bull redfish crushing flies on the surface.

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  • Craig

    I gotta do that before I leave this earth.

  • dave azar

    that s!@t is SICK!  There is NOTHING, I repeat NOTHING cooler than watching a big fish hover under  your topwater fly and waiting for it to decide if it’s gonna eat!  Every spring we get a chance to throw at big stripers along the marsh edges in Jamaica Bay, NYC…watching them follow that fly get’s all the juices flowing.  Awesome video!

  • Struck2soon

    Superb footage. I can only imagine the comments had the mic sound been included…

  • Firerescue360

    If that doesn’t make you want to try topwater, nothing will…… outstanding footage……

  • Norman E Duncan

    The red taking the popper at 3:09 in the film clip is one of the best shots I have seen of a surface take and the subsequent popping of the gills, in this case this action can be seen because of the masses of air bubbles being expelled from the gills to the rear.

  • Eddhill

    Incredible video David. Glad to be part of it. Edd

  • Gofishinor

    One of coolest things there is

  • Jim Henley

    That makes me not want to sell all my fly fishing gear and flats boat, will have to move closer to the coast if I am going to do that. Very good video.