Video Hatch: “Sipping Dry” Trailer

Sharptail Media’s Sipping Dry highlights the impressive (and difficult) dry-fly fishing on the Missouri River, specifically the stretch running through Craig, Montana, “the trout bum capital of the world.”

One angler’s take on the Missouri:  “Be careful who you bring here.  Don’t bring your young children here, your teenagers here because you might alter their life and they’re not going to become a doctor or attorney if they get hooked on this deal.  It’s game over.”

The full-length film will be released on the 2012 Fly Fishing Film Tour.

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  • Rollcaster

    How true, how true. My first experience fishing in Montana was casting dry flies to a pod of 50 sippers at Craig. I’ll never forget it!

  • Isn’t is awesome to be doing something you love and the two words “sipping dry” mean just so much. I’ve got goosebumps.

  • one of the best fly-fishing film lines ever…”don’t bring your kids here or they may not become doctors” love it

  • Tom Burrows

    I wish someone took me there when I was a kid….I wouldn’t be in my office watching other guys live the dream…