Dramatic Vote for Menhaden

After receiving more than 90,000 comments from the public on a possible reduction in the allowable take of menhaden, the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission reached a historic vote Wednesday to reduce catches by as much as 37 percent.

H. Bruce Franklin, author of  The Most Important Fish in the Sea: Menhaden and America, “said a better step would have been to get rid of the so-called reduction fishing industry — harvesting menhaden for the manufacture of meal and oil — altogether,” reported Abby Goudnough in The New York Times.

Commercial harvester Omega Protein Inc. expressed outrage, saying, “We knew we were going to take a cut, but this is a little too much to swallow.’’ David Abel for the Boston Globe.

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  • Capt D

    Nice to see that the Fisheries Commission finally had the courage to do the right thing…although Franklin is correct. But, it is a first step.

  • Midglon

    Great news!

  • Gofisinor

    All takes of all fish need to be need to be cut.They are an important resource for the health of our fresh and salt water ways.