The Gurgle of the Stream, a Screaming Reel, and … Jim Morrison?

The ambient sounds of nature just do not do it for Lefty Ray Chapa.  Chapa tells about a memorable trip where a homeowner’s musical selection enhanced a day on the Guadalupe River:  “I really do not think it affected the fish but it did light my fire and numerous rainbow trout were caught.” Are you a “stuffy, snotty, ascot wearing fly fishing” type that prefers your “silence not pierced by anything” or do you favor music to break on through the peaceful lull?

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  • Gillybilly33

    I don’t wear an ascott, I’m occasionally stuffy due to a head cold, maybe even a little snotty for the same reason. I grew up listening to Jim Morrison, I’ve even got up in the morning and “get myself a beer”, and I truly believe the “future is uncertain and the end is always near”, that’s why when I’m standing knee deep in the water of my favorite trout stream, (the Middle Fork of the Flathead in Montana) I want to hear the water rushing through my legs and all around me and the splash of a cutthroat taking a well placed dry, while I still can.