“Roadless” Ruling Biggest in Decades, Say Conservationists

Friday the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals removed a lower court’s block on the “roadless rule,” which had protected over 50 million acres of prime federal forests from timber and mining companies since 2001. As Patrik Jonsson reports in the Christian Science Monitor, “The strong 10th Circuit ruling may be the final court decision on a matter that has now touched three presidential administrations.”

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  • Jswitow

    This rule needs to be scaled back.  We can drill,log and mine responsibly, it’s time to quit sending jobs and money out of the country.  

  • Rpm13

    We can drill,log and mine responsibly..WHAT A JOKE….have you heard of fracking, how about all those miners that died in WV last year, what about the Gulf oil spill………nothing is safe from the all mighty dollar, go ahead and leave our kids nothing…..I am glad our parents knew better, at least I got to enjoy the wilderness……