Video Hatch: Fly Fishing the Eastern Sierra Nevadas

Chris Marino of No Barking Productions captures stunning footage of a fly-fishing adventure in the eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains.  “From run-n-gun style shooting to locked down magnificent vistas, this was an epic shoot.  Not to mention it was all at above 6000ft.”

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  • Riffly

    There is only one Sierra Nevada unless you were sleeping in geography class dreaming of trout. 

  • Sinjin Eberle

    This is really well done.  Nice job!

  • Neilhawesdurkee

    In what locale was the rugged dirt mountain road?

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  • Very Nice – I’m Gonna Share This On

    This is the Kind of Video That Makes You Call Up Your Fishing Buddies and Schedule Week Long Trips for Memories To Dream On.

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  • Fishrman4evr

    Gave me cold chills… That’s all I have to say about it!

  • Rarnold50

    Great video … brings back many fantastic memories of growing up in the Sierra!
    Rick~Bozeman, MT

  • TahoeTroutBum103

    It was pretty cool to be a part of this video and have the Leland boys ask me to show ’em around my neck of the Sierras. Great video, sweet music, and Red Truck Rods are pretty nice!

  • Nicolasfly

    Muy buen video !!!!!