Keeping Foreigners Out

British Columbia’s Ministry of Forests, Mines and Natural Resources has passed regulations for the Skeena River “addressing issues around resident angler priority and maintaining resident angler priority.”  The regulations, which will be effective April 1, 2012, shift the majority of the fees to foreign anglers first and residents last.

Local guide Stan Doll feels that the regulations are not enough to keep out the non-residents responsible for “destroying the fishery.”  Doll feels that the fishery is so revered that the increased fees will not keep out non-residents.

At the same time, the Ministry of Forests, Mines and Natural Resources has eased restrictions for commercial fishing operations says Scott Simpson of the Vancouver Sun.

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  • Cole Shirvell

    Is this a “Keep Foreigners Out” item, or a “Protect Steelhead” item?

    The Ministry of Forests, Mines and Natural Resources is a provincial department, not a federal department. So this initiative is coming from Bristish Columbia, not “Canada”. Canada likes foreigners.

    When I read the regulation changes as reported in the newsclips, I understood the restictions to be against “non-residents”, not against any nationality. That means if you are a foreign citizen resident it B.C. the regulation doesn’t apply to you. And if you are a Canadian citizen living outside B.C. (like me) the regualtion does apply to you. The regulation seems to be aimed at people who don’t legally “reside” in B.C. for a specified number of days in the preceeding calender year. I didn’t read this news report as being “anti-foreigner”.