Allen Fly Fishing Alpha II Reels

Allen Alpha II

The Alpha II is Allen Fly Fishing’s new big game reel series. In a market with a growing number of reels coming in at the lower price points, Allen wanted to exceed expectations in the budget category. The result is a near bomb-proof drag inside a sturdy, heavy-duty frame to withstand excessive torque from the biggest, hardest swimming fish in the sport.
The philosophy behind this reel: rugged and simple. Less parts in a drag means less that can go wrong. When you have 200 yards of backing on its way out at mach speeds, the last thing you want is the drag to cave in on you. With its twin, carbon disc drag system, this reel’s designers eliminated unnecessary bells and whistles in favor of a system that you can rely on trip after trip.

MSRP: 7/8 – $140; 9/10 – $145

Visit the Allen Fly Fishing Web site.  More about Allen Fly Fishing on MidCurrent.

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  • Anonymous

    I see this Allen guy still selling reels and it makes me mad. What a hunk of junk. Anybody who is writing a good or positive review about these reels must be his friend or family member.Or you have never owned a descent fly reel. There is nothing good about this product. I have had one since 2010 and here is my experience. The aluminum is cheap and weak. The spool will repeatedly bend on you from not being treated like it was made of glass. Of course when it does bend it won’t wind any more so forget about fishing with it. Unless you got some straightening tools handy. The other big issue is your line is always getting caught between the spool and the frame. Which I guess is not the end of the world but the aluminum is so rough and sharp I have seen it cut 6w flyline like a knife. Don’t believe all this talk about how good the drag is either. For the trout fishing I do in Montana its no biggie. My reels really just act as a fancy fly line holder. But if you do require a drag and want one of these cheap reels. Shop around you can get them with a better drag. Why justin does not offer this I don’t know. Here is my opinion they are not making these reels its a hunk of junk they buy out of Korea or over seas somewhere. Then they just stamp thier name on it. If you Google Discount or wholesale fly reels in Korea. You can pull up blue print of this reel in five different styles. The only differences are the shape of the machined holes in the spool. The page is not in english so you cannot read much about it. Another one you could try for fun is look up Yellowstone fly reels and try and tell me they are not the same junk reel. I spoke with justin several times before I made this purchase. I told him I fish 100 plus days a year and he assured me his reel would be up for the test. If not he would make it right. I origanally tried to buy 4 reels from him in different sizes and styles. What a night mare I waited for ever cuz he didn’t have the reels when he told me he did. When I did get my order it wasn’t even close to my purchase order. He sent me 4 reels and only one of wich was right. Justin says go ahead and keep the other reels free for my inconvienence. The were the cutest little 3w’s I had ever seen I suppose I could have gave them away as key chians. Long story short I sent them all back but the one that was right and he did refund my money. I didn’t comment on this for a long time but now that I see this ALPHA II out on the market for 2012. Eveyone should know the truth about this product so they don’t make the same mistake I did. I suppose Mr.Allen if given the chance might have sent me a new reel. But I had to ask myself why. I just pray to god some dum dum gives me 20 bucks for it in my next garage sale..  Thanks for reading    DRYFLY454

    • Evan

      As someone who works for the company, I can assure you that the design issues you experienced on the first gen model have not only been dealt with, but the overall design, finish, and functionality of our next gen reels is far, far better.  If you ever have any questions, feel free to contact me directly at

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