LL Bean Pocket Water Fly Rod

L.L. Bean Pocket Water Fly Rod and Reel

L.L. Bean’s 2012 “Pocket Water” fly rod reflects a favorite pastime of Maine fishermen—hiking into small, remote streams and ponds in search of native wild brook trout. You don’t need long, fast-action fly rods for this kind of fishing; shorter, suppler rods are the weapons of choice. With a painted finish that’s reminiscent of the finest bamboo, these rods are designed specifically for the delicate, accurate casts required on small streams. Premium graphite blanks are built with a smooth, medium action and excel at casts less than 40 feet. Built with premium hardware including cork half wells grip, burled wood spacer and double-foot snake guides, the four-piece designs come with a carbon fiber rod tube, and are also reasonably priced at $195-$210.

Pocket Water rod and reel combinations are also available: 6′ 6″ for 3-WT, $284; 6′ 10″ for 4 WT, $289; 7′ 6″ for 4 WT, $294; 7′ 10″ for 5 WT, $299.

Visit the LL Bean Web site.  More about LL Bean on MidCurrent.

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  • Nwcstr

    I just returned a Pocket Water rod to Beans for refund.  The second day I owned it, and before I even fished it, the silver finish began to peel off of the reel seat hardware.  The rod had a serious “click” inside the handle and there was a strong, chemical smell on the rod bag that just wouldn’t go away.
    Shame on Beans. There also were scratches on the rod. LL Bean should be more careful about putting their good name on cheap (not in price) products like this made in China.
    40 plus years customer.

    • Jack

      LL Beans sent me another Pocket Water rod. This one is just fine and has none of the “defects” of the first rod. I cast the 7’6″ 4 weight rod and immediately liked the rod very much.

      I don’t know what happened with the first rod but whatever it was, LL Beans seems to have made corrections. I like this rod; its appearance, finish and fit, and casting. It balances nicely with a Hardy Lightweight reel.