New Pending 4-Pound Tarpon Record Set in Florida

Last Thursday, while fishing with Captain Dustin Huff, angler Thane Morgan landed a very large tarpon on 4-pound (2kg) tippet. The fish weighed approximately 88 pounds. They hooked the fish at 4 pm on Wednesday and boated it at 10AM the next morning—an 18-hour fight.  The existing men’s 4-pound tippet record for tarpon stands at 48 pounds, 4 ounces. Even if the tippet over-tests for the 4-pound class, the fish will likely still break the men’s 6-pound (4kg) record, currently at 82 pounds, 4 ounces.

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  • Tailingpermit

    C’mon Marshall, even you have to be scratching your
    head on this one.

  • Thane Morgan

    It’s true.  Waiting to hear from IGFA.

    • Tailingpermit

      :thumbs down:

  • Gil Finn

    did he kill that fish?

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  • Paul hellis

    I don’t know Thane but I fish with Dustin.  If Dustin says they caught it, they caught it.  Congratulations to both of them.  A truly awesome achievement.  This record will stand forever.

    Paul E.

  • Dietze501

    great catch Thane.

  • jaym

    Let me say obviously Thane is a good fisherman, he won The Gold Cub. But I fly fish for tarpon and have hooked and landed enough fish over 150 lbs to know how to fight them. I have no problem with anyone killing a tarpon or a fish. I am not going to tell you how to fish either. I do have two opinions on this. 
    1. How many other tarpon died because he was fighting them for extended periods? Seriously 18 HOURS!? I give my buddies crap if they have one on for more than 30 minutes.2. I believe that the fish deserve the respect to fight them hard and land them quickly. This was nothing other than an endurance hunt. Like a pack of dogs running an animal to death.This could be the first fish he ever stuck a gaff in and that is fine but you have to ask yourself are you being a good steward for the resource?

  • Wkapriel

    I have very mixed feelings, quite different than I would have had 20 years ago. Casting to any Tarpon with a 4 pound tippet is either a death sentence for your tippet or the fish, and you know that up front. The only reason you would be doing that is you’re going for a record. I personally think the IGFA should have a minimum tippet rating for each species to qualify for a record. That minimum would hopefully insure the possible survivability of the particular species if released. We already have a maximum of 20 lbs for all species. Time for a species specific minimum. At 18 hours, in my opinion the fish won, but died doing it.

  • Jgallagher

    yea —big deal!!!! big fish – little tippet  -land the darn fish–go have a few beers and meet a girl for gosh sakes!!

  • Fred Rickson

    Marshall, there is nothing positive to say about this one.

  • Billwagner

    Well Rog, we might put up a good fight but the numbers of hours involved tells me we both would have needed several extended naps. 4 lb test.  Talk about not “horsing the fish”!

  • Billwagner

    Rog, to much time for us not to have a few naps!

  • Alex


    I understand a media outlet should remain neutral on a story despite its personal beliefs/opinions on a subject; however, in this instance, I really wish you would have let this guy and the IGFA have it.  

  • KS

    I know both of these guys well. Dustin is an incredible guide and Thane a fantastic angler. Catching a fish of this size on 4lb is truely a great achievement. Just setting the hook on 4lb is very tough, and you cant apply any pressure during the fight either. Hense the long battle. Sharks eat Tarpon daily and one fish taken to set a new world record by two great anglers who are excellent stewards of the sport isnt going to hurt the fishery. If anything it will help it. Because no one in their right mind will ever try to break this record. Great Work Guys!!

  • RayH

    Does the dead fish discarded and wasted, as in not eaten, jump the emotions?   It does for me.  Different fish…such as a Wahoo, a Snook(east), a Mutton or a different venue Bahamas or West Africa….dinner at 8.