Orvis Magnum Sling Pack in Safe Passage Line

Orvis Magnum Sling Pack

Orvis Safe Passage Magnum Sling Pack

The new Magnum Sling Pack is a larger design of the most popular bar in Orvis’s Safe Passage line. Many anglers feel sling bags are the most practical because they can carry a large amount of gear but when not in use can be rotated to the back where they are completely out of the way. This bag will hold a huge 11-inch fly box plus lots of other gear and includes a pliers sheath and magnetic forceps sheath, plus magnetic fly pocket. MSRP: $119.

For more info visit the Orvis Web site. More mentions of Orvis on MidCurrent.

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  • Tom Rosenbauer

    At the end the dummy called it a chest pack my mistake.  It’s a Sling Bag

  • Alex

    Where do you attached your trout net when using the sling pack

  • Owl

    I really like it – if you carry alot of gear it’d be perfect. I’m still diggin’ the slim style Orvis sling though, mostly because I carry a few small boxes and the basics. But if I wanted to carry my DSLR or a Toyota,  this would be just the thing. 

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