New Simms Headwaters Half Day Pack

Simms Headwaters Half Day Pack

Simms Headwaters Half Day Pack

This is a nice little bag that can store all the gear needed for the better part of a day on the river. It’s light and tough, and features 13 liters of interior space. A breathable back panel adds to the comfort and Simm’s new Catch & Release magnetic system makes this pack usable with the Simms Chest/Hip pack and Chest Pack. Internal pocket can take a hydration bladder or small laptop. MSRP: $99.95.

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Visit the Simms Web site.  More mentions of Simms on MidCurrent.

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  • Anonymous

    OK, but what EXACTLY is the problem/function it solves that is not done better (admittedly for $30 more) by the Simms Dry Creek Day Pack which is fully waterproof, larger and more easily carries a couple of strap-on rods?

    IF you really need an integrated chest pack (at an additional cost) and IF you think the new zipper pulls are cool (which I do), have at it, but don’t fail to look at some perhaps more practical alternatives.