Fly Shop Owner Mauled By Bear In Bow-Hunting Incident

Richard Paini, an owner of Trouthunter Fly Shop on the Henry’s Fork, suffered deep forearm wounds, a fracture and a severely injured left hand in a bear attack that occurred Saturday morning while Paini was bow hunting in the Caribou-Targhee National Forest.  We spoke to Chris Andeline, a Trouthunter employee, this morning: “Richard had about five hours of surgery Saturday night and the doctors said he is doing fine.  He did lose his left ring finger, but at least the arm break was clean. It’s a very good thing that they had cell phone service in the location; help arrived within eight to ten minutes.”

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  • Racine

    A flyfisherman asked me why and how I could carry my 44mag with pepperspray hiking into the NE corner of Yellowstone NP.  Thinking he was some lib I explained that Obama had made it legal to do so and knowing I was headed into Grizz central, I opted to exercise my rights.  He then explained that had he known that he would have packed metal on a recent bowhunting trip where he ran into a very large and pissed grizzly.  His encounter lasted about 5 min. with a compound bow between him and the bear 10 ft away.  He froze without an arrow on his bow and somehow bored the bear into moving on.  I always carry pepperspray in bear country and the 44 is the option I save when things get really hot.  The only caveat is knowing how to use the 44 if need be instead of just having a decoration…