Cristo Arkansas River Project Decision Expected in October

While many conservationists and fly fishers cross their fingers and hope that Cristo’s plan to drape translucent fabric over miles of the Arkansas River in Colorado is quashed by the federal government, the artist himself says he welcomes the debate, reports Martin Gayford for Bloomberg.

“’Nobody discusses a painting before it’s painted,’ says Christo. ‘But our works of art are discussed for months and years before they exist. Thousands think they look awful, thousands more think they look beautiful.‘”

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  • Tom Brown

    It’s not an issue of how many think it’s beautiful vs how many think it’s awful. The issue it the effect it will have on the eco system, the fisheries and the local business people. I’m an artist myself, I can’t imagine what the FNNNNN reason is for this, except “Self Gratification.” I’m also a voter, I’ll be watching who’s against and who’s for….I will vote.