Podcast: Steelhead East and West

Tom Rosenbauer talk about how to keep wild trout secrets and how to respond to stream abuse, then offers an overview of steelhead techniques and the differences between East Coast and West Coast steelhead.

“If you’re just beginning steelheading you might hear comments like ‘The only way to fish for steelhead is with a two-handed rod.  The only way you should fish for steelhead is by swinging a fly.’ Or ‘Fishing an egg fly is not considered cool.'”

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  • Enhudon

    This is the first podcast that I have heard, and I really enjoyed it.  I’m planning a trip to my favorite Lake Ontario River in mid-November.   I am going to buy a 7 wt Spey Rod (12’6″).   What kind of line should I use for this rod.  Is a ‘regular’ WT7 or 8 line appropriate?  I understand that the spey lines on the market may be too heavy to lift on a switch rod.

    Anybody able to give me some help please?


    • Charlie B.

      Hi Enhudon,

      Your Spey rod shop should be able to set you up with the proper line for the rod you buy.  You can also visit the speypages.com to learn more about Spey casting and fishing in general. 

      Tight lines!