Jim Klug: Struggle Over Environment is “Life or Death” for Fly Fishing

Bob Marshall of the Times-Picayune interviewed AFFTA chairman and Yellow Dog Fly Fishing owner Jim Klug at this week’s IFTD show and heard some pointed remarks about how congressional mismanagement of environmental policy could lead to disaster for the fly fishing industry.

“‘I’ve always been a Montana Republican, and I never thought I would see the Republican Party doing this kind of stuff,’ [Klug] said. ‘I guess I think of myself as a Teddy Roosevelt Republican, someone who is conservative fiscally, but who cares about protecting the environment, protecting fish and wildlife, not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because it’s smart business, too.'”

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  • Elkhair1

    Gosh Jim,
    I just don’t understand that kind of indignation on the part of a republican! I can say with true sincerity that the republicans I’ve known in my 70 years are consistently anti-environment; it’s all about the almighty dollar with the GOP. I must also say, I do believe that somewhere (and here you are to prove this) a republican lives who actually does give a damn about our planet & the greed that’s been killing it. I do hope that you are sincere and not only giving lip service to maintain your individual business.