Ross Unveils New Brand

Ross Reels BrandRoss Reels, which was acquired by 3M/Scientific Anglers last fall, revealed this makeover of their brand logo yesterday.

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  • Rick

    Um, not so much. “Foss” reels?
    New logo needs a Viagra pill.
    Shame, shame, shame on the graphic designer!

    • Mikeflyguy

      change for the sake of change I’m afraid. I have fished Ross Reels for 30 some years–their gear lasts and lasts, as should the original logo

      • PhlyPhisher

        That new logo really blows.  As a Ross fan, I hope it is not indicative of their next line of reels.

  • Cmniemi

    While there may be some trendy, artsy, fartsy types among those who use Ross Reels, the silly looking “R” does not speak to the rest of the fly fishers in my opinion.

  • Steve

    That’s a bit of a stretch for an ‘R’.  The logo really doesn’t have any feel of fly fishing it it.  With this logo, Ross could make anything, it’s really non-descript; but maybe that is the intent now that Ross is a pimple on the behind-bum of a larger conglomerate.

    The acid test: if this were the logo on ballcap or t-shirt, as a fly fisher, would you wear it?

  • Russell

    It looks like a chair. Sad that they changed just because they bought the company instead of recognizing that part of the reason they bought it is because of brand loyalty.

  • Miggli

    Damn, the old logo probably was the closest thing to a Rolls-Royce I’d ever get…;-)

  • Craig

    where did these designers go to school?  They need to take more spelling classes prior to graduation.  

  • The new logo stinks. Why not just call it what it is? It’s not Ross Reels anymore, it’s 3M. It was bad enough when they went “world wide”…………..