Christo Foes Sue Colorado Park Board

Opponents of Christo’s Arkansas River project have sued the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Board over their decision to allow the artist to drape fabric over 42 miles of the river in 2014.

“‘Our motivation here is, first, to protect the Arkansas River trout fishery; second, to give voice to the angling public; and then protect our livelihoods,’ said [ArkAnglers owner] Greg Felt….”  Jason Blevin in The Denver Post.

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  • Mike Conner

    I can’t believe this Christo wacko is still “fabricating” waterways!  He did a similar thing in Miami’s Biscayne Bay years ago. He encircled about a half-dozen small natural, uninhabited islands with PINK fabric.  All in the name of art?  Stop that guy at all costs!

  • Chuck S

    Looks like the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Board has gone off the deep end! 

  • Gofishinor

    They need to be sued and so does Christo!!