The Lost Streams of Vancouver

A fascinating new map overlay created by the UBC Library and Vancouver Aquarium shows the paths of old streams and the original shoreline of Vancouver, British Columbia.  The map was derived from Sharon Proctor’s book Vancouver’s Old Streams (1978).

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  • Anonymous

    This has been kicking around for a while. Some would like to see some of these old streams restored, as some of them are still there, underground below street level. This is a bit of nostalgic opitimism imho. I grew up in North Van, across the harbour, (Burrard Inlet), home to the Capilano and Seymour Rivers. My Dad had a rare permit to fish the Seymour Watershed. I was out there recently and pleased to see, in general, a return of seaweeds and kelps to areas they had vanished from due to pollution. I also was happy to see the return of starfish (purple stars) to the rocks around the harbour area. This is a step in the right direction after decades of degeneration. I’ll float another idea while it’s on my mind: I still see sportsfisherman fishing for salmon around the mouth of the Capilano River. They congregate there when the fish are entering the river to spawn. I posit this as unsportsman like. The fish don’t mess with my mating habits, why do we interfere with theirs? How about a moratorium: no fishing within a 1mile arc co-centered on either bank of the mouth of the river? Give the fish a chance!