Congress Edges Closer to Massive Conservation Cuts

As the National Wildlife Federation and Trout Unlimited reported in detail this week, legislation moving through the U.S. Congress right now would not only removing funding from decades-old policies that are critical to wildlife protection, but would also stop the EPA from performing much of its role in protecting wetlands and rivers.  Tuesday the legislation was passed out of the full appropriations committee, as as conservation watchdog Tom Sadler reported to us via email this morning, “it doesn’t look good.”

Natural Resources Defense Council Legislative Director Scott Slesinger remarked: “This bill must set a new record for destructiveness.”

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  • Sayfu

    Let’s hope the voters, in the up coming elections next year understand that expanding the size of govt. and debt that has been dramatically going on for the last several years..(25% increase in size in just two yrs.) and at the same time shrinking the real economy that foots the bills for govt., govt employees, and their benefits, and the programs we desperately feel are in need of funding, go unfunded, get cut.  And the pain and suffering will continue to take place until we understand simple, basic, ECON 101, and understand where the problem lies.

    • Alore14074

      Its that individual call for “what we desperatly need” is where the problem is. There are toooooo many of us that want our special program supported by someone else. Its time to support yourself and the things you enjoy. And if it is for the great outdoors call me I’ll help.

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  • Teddy R.

    As an outdoors enthusiast and a conservationist,  we need to support these causes ourselves whereever possible.   I fully understand that through our stamps, licenses, and other taxed purchases we, as a group, already do that — but there is more we can do financially.

    • Alore14074

      I totally agree. Lets start looking for a way to support our wildlife and get started ASAP.

  • Alore14074

    Looks like it is time sportsmen and women to pay for their playing themselves. I for one am not going to ask someone living in the city to fund my fun anymore. But with that statement I think those who don’t pay should stay at home. I have prayed for years that this would never happen because only the rich would get to play. But if people can’t afford to pay a small amount to help our wildlife and fish populations then how can they afford to put gas in their vehicle? Our country is in trouble and it is time to quit being selfish so suck it up and stop whining that the country owes you. I say it is time to start our own group that will fund our playtime and help the wildlife. If we fund it ourselves we won’t see our money going into a general fund that is spent however some politician wants. Our money will go directly to what we want it to. Think about it and if you have a better idea that doesn’t involve begging money from government, then lets hear about it.

  • Chuck S

    Unfortunately we have few if any organizations who sit fairly on the fence when it comes to politics.  Any organization that decides to really work on conservation of the environment, or a species, or a group of species must include all folks really interested in advancing conservation and not deliberately exclude folks who have a different political bent that it’s leaders, etc.   To do otherwise leaves your organization with about half of your prospective workforce and supporters not engaged in the effort at all.  I mention this simply as it’s been my considerable experience that both organizations mentioned above have a very strong left wing bent and are not inclusive unless you follow their “party,” line.  Sorry but any news from these folks should be viewed with a very jaundiced eye in most cases.