Grizzly Bear Kills Yellowstone Hiker

A female grizzly bear killed a man who was hiking with his wife on Wednesday near the start of the Wapiti Lake trail in north-central Yellowstone National Park. “A National Park Service statement said the couple had inadvertently surprised the mother grizzly and her cubs, and in ‘an attempt to defend a perceived threat to her cubs, the bear attacked and fatally wounded the man.'” From Reuters.

Park officials say this is the first fatal attack in the park in almost 25 years. “The last fatal grizzly attack in Yellowstone was in October 1986, when the mauled body of a man was found by the road near Otter Creek. A camera and tripod were nearby, causing park officials to conclude that the man was attacked while he was photographing a grizzly.” In the Los Angeles Times. (Last fall a Michigan man was killed and two other fly fishers injured when a grizzly attacked their camp near Soda Butte, but that incident occurred just north of the Park border.)

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  • Walwyn Trezise

    We live just south of the Thorofare Area.  This is not the first killing by a  Grizzly in 25 years in the Yellowstone Area.  It does not take into account incidents occurring at or near the Park’s periphery.  The National Park Service has done a good job warning Tourists within the Park.  However, the Park Service continues to disperse “problem bears” in the wilderness East and South of the Park in the Absoroka Mountains areas.  Hikers, campers, fly fishers and hunters are well advised to wear bells and carry bear spray in those areas.  That is not a joke.  You cannot stop a Grizzly with any handgun and are more likely to shoot yourself in the foot when facing a charging bear.  Nor can you out run them.  Today’s “bear spray”, pepper spray, is effective to 35 feet.  Be Sensible.  Walwyn Trezise, Dubois, Wyoming