On Tippet Sizes for Big Flies

Eric Sharp offers some excellent advice for determining tippet size and even rod size for throwing big flies like brown drakes.  “The late Cal Gates, who found the Au Sable Lodge on that river’s Holy Waters stretch, used to say that if the leader would fit through the eye of the fly, it was the right size.  That theory works if you could cast the way Cal Gates could, but only about 5% of us are that skilled.”  In the Detroit Free Press.

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  • Sayfu

    The X factor times 3 puts the fly size in the ball game.  3x tippet = a #9 fly, or a #10, or #8.  Now factor in water clarity, bulkiness of the pattern…I go fly first whenever I can, and that eliminates the tippet visibliity factor pretty well.  And if you don’t want to have the fly jerk to a stop on the backcast, learn to Belgium cast…that takes the pressure off of the tippet.  Streamers?…an aggressive strike, and going slightly big with the tippet generally isn’t a problem.