Jack London and California’s Troubled Parks

“California created the state park idea with Yosemite in 1864, before it was a federal reserve; it is destroying it in 2011 with a plan to permanently close one-fourth of its parks.”  Timothy Egan writes eloquently in The New York Times about what California and the U.S. stand to lose as California defunds half of its historic parks.

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  • Raives

    Maybe the problem is public salaries and benefits which exceed the private sector.  When CA public employees can retire at 55 years of age with life time medical beneits and pensions for unskilled workers at 100000$, life guards at close to 200,000$, city managers at above 500,000$ something has to give.  In this case the public workers want the taxpayers  give thru tax increases. For a public employee to receive a 100,000$ a pension the system needs to have saved $2million for that employee with a average rate of return of 5% over the next 30 years. This is not happening.