Feather Craze Strikes UK

Years ago, the fear of avian flu virtually froze the transport of bird feathers across international boundaries. Yet times do change — with the fashion.  Susie Mesure reports in this morning’s Independent that that British salon owners have discovered the value of a few long hackle feathers.

“‘Nick Powell, of Troutcatchers in Northamptonshire, said he had turned down orders worth £4,000 from California in the past week. ‘Hairdressers are searching the entire world for these feathers,” he said. “I’ve never known a phenomenon like this.'”

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  • Darrell Howard

    This ridiculous trend means that my collection of genetic hackles is probably worth a fortune!
    So, do i pop down the local hairdressers, sell them for loads of cash but then discover I can’t replace them…DarrellHerts Branch Flydressers Guild – http://www.flydressers-guild-herts-branch.co.uk

    • Gofishinor

      This practice needs to be stopped. All that is going to happen is all the flies are going to cost more and the angler/tyer will get screwed.