RIO Introduces Two New Saltwater Leaders for 2011

RIO Products is introducing two new saltwater leaders for 2011, the Redfish/Seatrout Leader and the Light Saltwater Shock Leader.  Both the new leaders feature a perfection loop at the end of the front taper for ease of rigging.  They both have a stiff butt and taper designed to help cast larger flies and cope with typical saltwater winds.

The Redfish/Seatrout Leaders are clear and have high abrasion resistance.  These 9-foot leaders are available from 8-pound up through 20-pound test.  They will retail for $4.95.

The Light Saltwater Shock Leaders are 10-foot leaders, tapering to 16-pound tippet with an ultra-tough fluorocarbon shock tippet on the end. There are three models available in the Light Saltwater Shock Leader series; one with a 16-pound shock tippet, one with a 20-pound shock tippet and one with a 45-pound shock tippet.  They will retail for $7.95.

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  • Thanks for including our products in the Gear Guide Alex. One minor correction – the signature option for the book does not cost more! Hardcovers are $39.95 and softcovers are $24.95. Both have the same high quality paper and print, lay flat spiral binding and are 8 1/2″ x 11″. The only difference is the thickness of the cover.

    Michael Hackney
    The Eclectic Angler

  • Fred Balling

    over the past year I have noted the the popularity of michael’s live presentations at sundry fly fishing events.
    the enthusiasm and smiles of satisfaction displayed by people emerging from a session with their new self-built
    reels are infectious. even hard core vintage reel collectors come to a new understanding of their objects of affection.