Patagonia’s Rock Grip Wading Boot

Rock Grip Wading Boot- Sticky/Studded

Patagonia is rolling out these stout wading shoes with removable studs for 2011.  Rock Grip boots are extremely durable and are designed to provide stability in all wading conditions, thanks to an exclusive new outsole design and a proprietary new sticky rubber compound. $179.

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  • Sharland Urquhart

    Desperate for a pair of these wading boots – Only have one other pair, another make and they are really hurting me. Cramping at toes. Not the best grip either. Nothing like pain to make one abandon the river after 6 hours! Am a lady who loves river fishing.

  • I always wait a generation to buy new stuff, sometimes (more often than not) the first batch have a lot of glitches that are ironed out in the next product life cicle… sad but true… similar to software, but more expensive to “patch”

  • Mkok

    can you put studs on them?