Features of Patagonia’s 2011 Rio Gallegos Waders

Prior to the show, we fished with Patagonia’s Bill Klyn and asked him to point out the several new features built into the company’s 2011 Rio Gallegos waders.

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  • bluebass

    When do we expect to see these new waders in stores?

    • Hello Bluebass,

      You will see the Rio Gallegos Wader arriving in stores early January, 2011. Thanks for asking.

      • Waders look awesome. Do u think these new additions make then more functional and more durable than the other high end waders on the market?

  • Cheryl O’Neill

    Good stuff, wondered why the Guide waders were going on close out for $290. I think I’ll wait and spend the extra. Looking forward to seeing more of the new line.
    I wasdissapointed to see the Women’s Guidewater jacket was discontinued. I got one for myself and another for a friend. I may have to permanently borrow that one back at some point.