Getting Your PhD in "Fish"


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If you like the idea of hiking up the side of a mountain for fifteen miles with 90 pounds of gear on your back, then getting your PhD in fish biology from the University of Colorado and CIRES might be just your ticket. A new video posted on Fly Talk documents the study program of Tom Detmer, whose higher education is doing research on the impact of trout on high-altitude lakes in Rocky Mountain National Park.

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  • Trigg

    From the fisherman’s perspective, the sword of science cuts both ways. Three years ago, Rocky Mountain National Park released their draft fisheries plan. Among other things, it called for poisoning out the fish in a number of lakes to return them to their natural, fishless state. The reason given was to reverse the effect of introduced fish on other plant and animal species. (What this young man is studying) Some of the lakes targeted were among the best and most productive fishing spots in the park.
    The plan got shelved and hasn’t yet reappeared, but we’ll see what happens over the next couple of years.
    BTW, if you like the idea of hiking into alpine lakes in RMNP and fishing for science, there’s plenty of that work available for volunteers. Check out