American Sportfishing Association Wants AFFTA at ICAST

As a follow-up to our story earlier this week that AFFTA and Nielsen parted ways over their annual fly fishing trade show, yesterday the American Sportfishing Association extended their hand, hoping to lure AFFTA to bring a fly fishing retailer show to ICAST in Las Vegas next summer. “‘ICAST 2010 already offers a large fly casting pond providing exhibitors with a place to demonstrate their rods, reels and lines to potential buyers,’ said ASA President and CEO Mike Nussman. ‘Our Show Committee is also considering creating a special pavilion located adjacent to the casting pond to further assist exhibitors whose focus is fly fishing tackle, gear and accessories.'”

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  • Tom

    This should be interesting. Keep us up to date on this issue. Either way it will be sad to see it go out of Denver. What does Las Vegas have to offer for the fly fishing industry? At least when it was in Denver you could go fishing. Sad.

  • Steve

    The atmosphere and access to fishing at the Denver show was great. But, from an all around business perspective combining the Fly Show with Icast is a win. That is where the focus should be. For the manufactures it saves the expense of multiple shows and brings a broader audience to their product than what would attend only the Fly Show. For fly dealers and conventional tackle dealers, having access to manufactures from the entire fishing spectrum in one place gives the opportunity to grow their businesses and assortments in a meaningful way becoming more relevant to their customers by seeing product they otherwise wouldn’t if attending only Icast or the fly show.
    I do believe that the fly industry has greater potential for growth by this arrangement than with the Outdoor retailer option. A gear fishing dealer would be more likely to grow his fly fishing assortment than a back packing/ski/board sport dealer.
    The important thing is to strengthen and grow the fly fishing and greater fishing industries as a whole. The Icast option is the best vehicle for this. The focus should be on the business to keep the industry alive and thriving, not where the parties and fishing are going to be. Those things take care of themselves when everything is moving in the right direction.