David Quammen on Kamchatka Salmon

Topography of the Kamchatka Peninsula

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“Where Salmon Rule,” naturalist David Quammen‘s piece in National Geographic on Kamchatka salmon is a detailed look at the land “created by nature as if for the very reproduction of salmon.” He covers salmon biology, politics, poaching and culture in a thorough and thoughtful discussion of one of the peninsula’s key species, and seems to fall in line behind the belief that Soviet-era politics might have been better for the fish.

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  • I looked forward to reading this article and while i thought it was a fine piece it like so many of the articles written by people in ivory towers really missed an integral part of the equation. The common man and business solutions. We ran for many years great fishing camps and protected at least 2 rivers on Kamchatka from the criminal poachers. I spoke with them about not missing the full potential impact of this article and they did not interview a single outfitter-shame on them.