Worst River Craft Ever?

Something’s irksome about seeing a couple of guys driving three new SUVs around in a famous salmon river. But then I wouldn’t have thought to use the new Land Rover 4’s Surround Cam as a “live-action fish finder” either.

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  • Oy! Let’s hope this trend stays on the other side of the pond!
    Trout Buddha

  • WCM

    I live in the Northwest US and would never consider driving one of these uber expensive toys. Great engineering for sure but who are we kidding? This is a nice “estate car” – very impressive pulling up to valet parking. 98% of these vehicles will never go off road. The target demographic is 18-49 year old, urban, outdoor wannabes with too much money (yuppies). Guys that drive these things will never haul a field dressed elk or a load of firewood. And yes, I would be extremely “irked” if I saw one in my local steelhead water.

  • robert morselli

    Ha ha! … a new species to fish, perhaps?…
    Angler 1: So – what’re you into? Trout? Bonefish? Bass?
    Angler 2: Rovers. If you’re stalking the all-wheel-drives, you’ll have to take along a 9-weight at the very least – and be sure to have lots of backing…

  • Jimmy Harris

    What a dumb…! And this is from the crowd that’s always looked down on anglers in America for wading in the stream, disturbing the aquatic insects, rather than fishing from the bank in proper gentleman’s style.

  • Bob

    Well, what do you expect from people who drive on the wrong side of the road?