Smart Nalgene Flask for Upcoming Cold Days

nalgeneflask.jpgI recently attended a wedding in Arkansas, where I served as one of the sixteen or so groomsmen (the groom tended to be the one hosting the parties in college). When you’re buying gifts for that many buddies, you tend to reconsider the $50 money clip. Our groom made a real smart move and bought us all something we’ll actually use: the new(ish) Nalgene Flask.
This 12 ounce gem is made of Nalgene’s typical high density plastic, and it has some very smart features. The cap removes and becomes a one ounce shot glass (for, you know, “espresso”). There’s an insulating sleeve to keep contents warm or cold, depending on your preference. The standard flask shape–apparently perfected by 19th century English prostitutes for sneaking gin onto docked Men o’ War–means you can comfortably carry the bottle close to your body on extra-cold days.
Best of all, at only $7, this is one of the cheapest possible ways to bring one of life’s comforts with you to the river. Just don’t fill it with Hot Damn®. Trust me.
What’s your favorite adult beverage to sip on a cold day at the stream? Let us know in the Comments section!

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  • J Blevins

    I’ve had one these for a couple years and I love it.

  • Twelve ounces! That’s a lot of go juice.

  • Favorite adult beverage… well, long story there! I was born in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland – and when I was born, they couldn’t get me to breathe. Apparently, I was turning blue after about 20 minutes or so.
    The doctor sent his nurse to his office to retrieve his bottle of Bushmills. My mother was of course, in a panic, and wondering what on earth the doctor was going to do with this bottle of whiskey. Drink it?? While I was turning blue?
    The good doctor put some of the whiskey on a wee spoon and stuck it in my mouth. That got me breathing!
    Whiskey of course, is from the Gaelic word meaning “water of life.” In my case, it’s very true.
    To this day, I enjoy Bushmills “Black Bush,” and carry that in a very special flask I own. The flask has good story too!
    I do enjoy having lots of water with me but for celebratory purposes, a flask with the Blackbush goes with me on the waters I fish. And other places too.

  • Steve Rubicam

    Wild Turkey 101. Just a sip provides a nice glow!

  • ericsb

    Oban or cognac

  • Mike MIller

    A good bourbon or better yet Stranahans Colorado Whiskey.