Fly Fishing Gear: More Waist Packs Compared

Michael Gracie does a side-by-side comparison of the Simms Headwaters Waist Pack and the Moutainsmith Tour Pack, the first a fanny pack (can we still say that?) specifically designed for fishing, and the second a hiker’s favorite that manages to score well as fishing gear. “Due to the scarcity of compartments, the Mountainsmith Tour feels big. Very big. It will comfortably fit four large waterproof C&F boxes in the main compartment (or two boxes and a philly cheese steak sandwich – I’ve given those up but it doesn’t mean you have to) as well as odds and ends in the front pocket.”

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  • Nice color on that Mountain Something pack……
    Red and Orange are the most visible colors to fish, hence the worst ones to wear. Maybe add a nice sparkle gold reel and a pair of chartreuse waders;>
    I would be glad to follow anyone wearing the Prada designer outfits about an hour later and catch all the fish you spooked wearing this one!