New Fishpond Havana Lumbar Pack

fishpondhavana.jpgI’m a big fan of Fishpond’s bags and packs, but I’ve commented before that the everything-but-the-kitchen-sink approach normally used by Fishpond can–at times–be overkill. For instance, my Dragonfly “chest” pack was one of the most stripped-down items I could find, and I can’t imagine wearing it as a chestpack–I keep it in lumbar mode.
This year Fishpond is releasing the Havana Lumbar pack, which is just what the doctor ordered: it’s stripped of all unnecessary features while retaining Fishpond’s robust lumbar strap system (which is important when you start putting cameras or water or many boxes into one of these bags). It comes in two shades, both of them somewhat more understated, and it features a heavy-duty carry strap on top (the one thing my Dragonfly was actually missing.) The price is the same as the Dragonfly (which stays in the lineup): $69.
Do you love Fishpond’s patterned jacquard aesthetic? Hate it? Let us know in the comments section.

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  • accessory junkie

    the one thing i had trouble with regarding lumbar packs was the lumbar adjustments on the side of the main belt. typically my packs are fully loaded and can have some weight to it. what happens shortly after walking around is that the top starts to tilt down because of the lumbar side strap is stitched at mid height. if the lumbar side strap is stitched closer to the top of the pack, it will prevent it from tilting over, which i like when i have to access items in the bag.

  • Brian

    Well, I may not LOVE the effect, but I think Fishpond’s jacquard trim does a very nice job of settting their products apart from the competition. The plus is that everything they make is top notch. However, I will second Gear Junkie’s observation; repositioning the strap or using two adjustment straps per side (one high, one low) makes positioning the load so much easier.

  • Bill

    Accessory Junkie, you should try a Mountainsmith lumbar pack. They have a nice suspension system that use a high strap and low strap that really pulls the pack into the lower back, preventing “top flop”. I used a Mountainsmith Tour for many years before moving on to the William Joseph Surge, which fits nicely and the mag system is nice.

  • Doug

    The patterned jacquard look is a distraction for me. From my point-of-view it is outdated and inconsistent with the high quality fabrics and design of Fishpond.