Joan Wulff: 'Nuff Said

jw_ffr_500.jpg Joan Wulff shows the gentlemen how it is done at yesterday’s FFR show, laying one out in the big pool at age 83.

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  • Wonderful! It’s so great to see her doing well!
    thanks for the photo! Marshall

  • She is an excellent caster, the best one.

  • Mike

    I certainly hope I can cast that well at 83…..come to think of it I wish I could cast that well at any age….Joan is an amazing caster….and instructor….great to see her still showing the boys how it’s done….great picture thanks for sharing

  • Brian

    I just hope I can STAND at 83, let alone cast.
    Way to show ’em, Joan!

  • and in a business suit, no less!

  • Linda Adams

    Ken, I’ve seen a picture that was taken years ago of Joan at a show showing off her casting skills. At the time, and I’m thinking also because of the formality of the show, Joan had on a very sharp looking–but proper for a lady–dress!

  • robert morselli

    … if you look real close, you can see Steve Rajeff in the background (he’s quietly weeping a tear of joy). Nice pic, Marshall!

  • Mark Seymour

    The lady’s got class


    There’s also an old photo of her casting with both hands at the same time. She is a sweetheart.

  • Wayne S. Richey

    She is a remarkable lady and bring a great deal of class to our industry, we need more like her. I see no one in the wings to take her spot anytime soon so, Joan eating your spinich.