Where Coyotes Eat Housecats

In the Wall Street Journal, E. Kinney Zalesne revisits the “glamping” (glamorous camping) trend, connecting a decrease in overseas travel with an increase in fishing license and REI tent sales. He also suggests there is a missed opportunity for national hotel chains to cater to the slightly-less-upscale by offering “camping with trimmings — tents with heaters, eco-outhouses, showers hidden around the corner.”

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  • Honestly, the national chains would probably do well just to sell access to their *showers.* Whenever we camp in Yellowstone park, we use the communal showers in the group cabin areas. I am not sure if this is exactly legal or not – it apparently has never occurred to them that campers might want to use them too. If they’d post a collection box, I’d be happy to pay for the privilege.