Forbes List of Top U.S. Trout Towns

Writing for Forbes magazine, Monte Burke creates a Top Ten list of U.S. “trout-fishing towns.” On the list: Glenwood Springs, Colorado, Roscoe, New York, West Yellowstone, Montana, Asheville, North Carolina, and Grayling, Michigan. “Grayling is the birthplace of Trout Unlimited, the sports’ biggest conservation organization. The Au Sable River, famous for its hatch of Hexagenia, the largest mayfly in the world, flows over a sandy bottom right through town.”

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  • Betty Bennett

    The picture doesn’t do the river justice!!
    If you need a better one just let us know – we’ll send you one – by regular mail.
    My husband caught a 5# Brown right in front of our house one night in July – on a little 5′ Fenwick.
    He was one happy guy!!!

  • David Holmes

    Gosh, what a shallow article. No analysis of actual fishing conditions, whether or not the water is over-crowded, etc. The target audience seems to be ’80’s era yuppies. FYI, while Redding is a fine location in California, I’d assume that Dunsmuir or McCloud, while less well known, are at least as valid locations for great flyfishing. Of course, they both lack a nationally-known fly shop, a vital factor in driving sales of gear and helping to build advertiser’s gross revenues . . .