Mercury in Fish More Widespread Than Thought

The surprising finding in the news out last night from the U.S. Geological Survey is not that mercury can be found in almost any fish, in any water, in the U.S., but that the highest levels of mercury were found in fish from tea-colored waters in undeveloped areas of the southeast. “Some of the highest levels in fish were detected in the remote blackwater streams along the coasts of the Carolinas, Georgia, Florida and Louisiana, where bacteria in surrounding forests and wetlands help in the conversion.” One quarter of all fish in the U.S. are unsafe to eat on a regular basis.
Almost all (84%) of mercury pollution comes from coal-fired power plants.

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  • Michael

    Another reason for catch and release!!!!

  • aw#5

    wow, what a shocker, everything’s more “wide spread” than we think. this applies to lead and all other heavy metals. no huge surprise here, folks. what is surprising is that industry world-wide is still allowed dump whatever they want whenever and wherever they want without penalty. government “fines” are are a joke – it takes people in power with strong backbones to enforce things and the western world is run by a bunch of wimps. the result is more pollution. we have to elect people with political will or this nasty little trend will continue.

  • TroutSmith

    More proof that the US needs a massive transition away from coal fired power plants to clean renewable forms of energy. As fly fishermen, we should ALL support clean renewable energy legislation!